The province’s entire territory will be signposted in a few months. Despite our carefulness when elaborating and putting in place this 2430 km-network, you might find some inconsistencies or some issues regarding the marking. 

In blue : Famenne à Vélo (± 300 km on the province’s territory, with a total of 450 km)
In orange : Parc naturel des deux Ourthes (± 430 km)
In green : Itinerary-intersections network put in place by the province

Have you faced any issue when roaming on the network (missing signs, damaged stake, wrong indications…) ?

Please contact us at Try to be as precise as possible on your location (between PNXX and PNXX, near XXX, or even send us the exact GPS coordinates) and on the problem you’re facing. We are willing to implement anything we can in order to solve the problems as soon as possible !


The partner networks : 

Famenne à Vélo : / +32 (0)84 22 25 83

Parc naturel des deux Ourthes : / +32 (0)61 21 04 00 

The Tourist Offices (Maisons du tourisme) :


The emergency numbers : 


Belgian Luxembourg :